Large parts of my work are related to software development. One important objective of my work is to make working with large Earth Observation datasets easier, faster, and scalable. Most of my developments are written in C++, R, Java, or JavaScript. Below, you can find a list of my current development activities. Please also check my github profile .

scidb4gdal is a GDAL driver for the array database system "SciDB", which can be used to simplify data ingestion and download to and from SciDB. It supports loading multi-tiled and multi-temporal Earth Observation datasets and can be used to create two or three-dimensional arrays from e.g. Landsat, MODIS, SRTM, TRMM, and Sentinel 2 datasets.
scidb4geo is an extension / plugin to the array database system SciDB that adds metadata about spatial and temporal reference to SciDB's system catalog. It brings core geospatial operations like spatiotemporal array joins directly to the data.