I've contributed to several open source projects related to the processing and management of spatial data. Most of my developments are written in R, C++, Java, or JavaScript. Some of these projects are listed below. Please check my GitHub profile for more information.

Earth observation data cubes from GDAL image collections
R package for gdalcubes
R package for detecting abrupt changes in satellite image time series using "Breaks For Additive Season and Trend"
R package for the Geostatistical analysis of large environmental datasets with spatiotemporal multi-resolution approximations
scidb4gdal is a GDAL driver for the array database system "SciDB", which can be used to simplify data ingestion and download to and from SciDB.
scidb4geo is an extension / plugin to the array database system SciDB that adds metadata about spatial and temporal reference to SciDB's system catalog.