Courses at University of M√ľnster (before Sept. 2023)

  • Introduction to Geostatistics (excercise)
    Topics: R, random variables, probability distributions, hypothesis testing, linear regression, (spatial) sampling
  • Modeling spatiotemporal processes (lecture and excercise)
    Topics: Time series analysis, spatial interpolation, optimization algorithms, cellular automata, cloud computing
  • Geosoftware II (seminar)
    Topics: Web-development, distributed architectures, microservices, Docker, NoSQL
  • Mathematics for Geoinformatics students (tutorial)
    Topics: Calculus, linear algebra
  • Study Project "Constructing and Analysing long-term time series from multi-sensor Earth observation data"
    Topics: cloud computing, data fusion, time series analysis, remote sensing
  • Introduction to digital cartography (practical excercise)
  • Introduction to Geoinformatics (practical excercise)